Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where crossing of the state border is allowed?
  • Which are the BCPs where RM citizens may cross the border and which are the BCPs where foreign citizens may cross the border?
  • Which are the documents required for crossing the state border?
  • Which documents require minors for crossing the state border? Do grandparents require the power of attorney for accompanying their grandchildren (without parents)?
  • Where to get the visa?
  • Which are the states Republic of Moldova has visa-free regime with?
  • What to do in case of damaged documents?
  • Where can foreign citizens entering the territory of Moldova register?


  • If my vignette has expired, can I extend it without having to present the means of transport?
  • Medicines brought in or taken out of Moldova, quantity allowed, necessary documents and requirements
  • Can I, as an individual, import weapons to Moldova?
  • Guidance for individual travelers crossing the border with food items, the allowance and regulations referring to it.


  • What foreigners can be expelled from the territory of Moldova?
  • Who can obtain the right of residence in the Republic of Moldova?