Given that during Easter will increase the number of Moldovan citizens and foreigners who will transit crossing the state BCPs, the Border Police jointly with the Customs Service ordered a series of work additional actions designed to streamline the traffic, to reduce the waiting time at border control and to avoid forming the queues at border crossing points.
The measures are put into application today, 19th of April and will run until the 15th of May, during which border institutions will operate at full capacity in all responsible areas of activity.
In this context, the flow of people and vehicles, certified at crossing points will be monitored 24 of the 24 hours and where are recorded significant increases in cross-border traffic, will be increased the number of border policemen and customs officers in those crossings to prevent the formation of lines and avoiding the unpleasant or conflict situations. Similarly, will be implemented the special portable technique of reading travel documents, including the particular means of border control. At the request of local government will be open border crossings with local status placed on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. This activity will simplify border crossings by citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, who permanently reside in the administrative districts of border, or based on internal passports (identity cards) or passports for exit abroad and border crossings by vehicles belonging to them with the carrying capacity not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
During the reporting period, would be strengthened the relations of cooperation with the subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, border authorities of neighboring states, as well as local government bodies, to address jointly unforeseeable circumstances reported at the border.
According to actions undertaken, the border policemen will also provide intensive supervision on "green" segment of the state border, through the efficient management of the operational situation and maintaining a climate of order and security in the border area. In this regard, will be strengthened patrols on border sectors and will be increased the number of mobile teams involved in monitoring the state border and national routes in proximity.
The Deputy Head of the Border Police, Ianus Erhan asked professional involvement in service missions, with the consistent application of ethical norms specific to the institution. This gentleman asked all present border policemen to behave with integrity, manners, honestly and fairly to all participants in cross-border traffic, in order to respect the legal rights and freedoms of the citizens, in particular to prevent acts of abuse or corruption.
Last year, during the Easter holidays, on the state border have been registered over 1 million crossings of people and about 245 000 crossings of vehicles. The most requested checkpoints were Otaci, Leuseni, Chisinau International Airport, Sculeni and Giurgiulesti.
To support participants in cross-border traffic, we provide some recommendations on the state border crossings. Please check the validity and status of travel document, with which you plan to transit the country's borders. If you plan to go traveling with minor children, make sure that you have perfected your documents and you avoided queues, the border institution recommends the transit of the existing BCPs at the border, to not overburden just some of them. However, the number of means of transport crossing the BCPs are viewable, fully online by visiting the website of the Customs Service, TRAFFIC ON LINE, the option that will facilitate the optimal route planning.
In situations when arise additional questions about crossing the state border, the participants in cross-border trafficking can be reached at phone number 022 259 717 (green line) as if they are dissatisfied with the way the control was conducted when crossing the border, you can contact the HOTLINE, both of Border Police 022 259 675 and Customs Service 022 574 111, where all the issues raised will be taken by the border authorities who will act in accordance with law.
Recall that in late March was launched an optimized information platform for mobile phones (, which provides travelers with information on necessary documents when crossing the border, visa requirements, the amount of goods that can be introduced without payment of customs duties, the conditions for placing temporary vehicles, telephone numbers of hot lines, and the current situation at border crossing points.